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Well, I certainly don't blame D for putting some feelers out. We had an awesome FWB type sexual dynamic, really creative and super hot. And it's easy to forgive him, he's just a kid after all. I remember doing dumb things in relationships at his age too.

But anyway... he hasn't messaged again. Prolly scared of my big badass boyfriend! (Actually he and Ginger have the same exact body type, same height, 6'2", and almost identical above average sized cocks, hehe!) He hasn't messaged again, so we'll see if that is that, or if he gets back in touch if and when he breaks up with his gf.

Meanwhile, my super busy summer continues. miss pixi and I went on a reggae cruise on Sunday, on Boston Harbor. Big boat, 3 decks, 3 bars, and reggae (2 bands) on the top deck. One of our favorite groups that comes from the Fingerlakes, John Brown's Body, was the headliner, and they were SO good. What a great day, hot and muggy in town, only warm and fresh and drier out in the Harbor. So fun to boogie and watch the passing scenery of the Harbor islands and all the boats. 3 hour tour. We got lots of good pix. After that we returned to her place to watch the Olympics closing ceremonies. I left her place at 10:15 to drive home to go to work the next morning! Long day.

I'm working for a different family (childcare) this week as well as my usual family. I won't see Ginger til Saturday. miss pixi is going away for a week to work at camp again that day, and I'll drop her off at her ride's place, then Ginger and I are supposed to go to a dance, drum and arts fest after that.

However, he has had sore joints and other issues since June and was just diagnosed with Lyme today! We are at least glad to get the diagnosis. He had a tick bite back in June which led to a rash. Glad he got it figured out fairly early. Now he can get treated. He starts antibiotics today. Sore joints aren't good for the fucking!
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