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Wendigo doesn't have a cell phone and probably never will. He once needed to call Pretty Lady from our car and struggled with how to do so on a touch screen phone, yet we talk and message over Skype daily, even when we're going to see each other. A couple of times this month, Wendigo has had to cancel on practice/ me due to being sick and since he knows that I have a cell phone and that my old cell phone was capable of getting on facebook and yahoo messenger, he assumed that my new phone is too and sent me messages over facebook messenger because he knew I wasn't going to be home all morning. The problem is, switching back to Verizon made me revert back to a non smart phone and I can't actually access facebook messages from my phone. I hadn't thought to give him my new cell phone number because we always talked over YIM on my phone and not on the phone and he's stopped using YIM in favor of Skype, so I have been trying to figure out how to access Skype from work or my phone and failing. After driving out there last night, I just cracked down and gave him my cell phone number because the chances of me being able to even get a computer at the office are slim some days. This will change in 2 weeks when I get my own desk/ computer but right now I'm sharing with all the part time staff and can't really be chatting with my boyfriend at work anyway.

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