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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
I meant to respond to this earlier but didn't get the chance.

Barring a few exceptions (such as your ex doing something for drugs), it's been my opinion that who you choose to have sex with is what defines your sexual orientation. That's part of what's in question now.

I've heard some people say they were heterosensual or heteroflexible before. "Love opposite gender, can have sex with either". Stuff like that.

I don't know that it's necessarily true that who you choose to have sex with defines your orientation. My boyfriend helps friends with a big gay party each year. He's very straight, he does not find men attractive at all. But, if someone offers him a drink and then a blow job on this night, he'll accept it. He just really likes blow jobs and doesn't really care who gives them to him. I've talked to him extensively about this. He doesn't want to kiss them or have a relationship with them, in fact, trying to kiss them grosses him out. He considers himself heterosexual even though he's had this experience several times. So I'm not sure that who you choose to do sexual acts with necessarily defines if you're heterosexual, bi, etc.
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