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I'm so glad I stumbled across this topic. I've been on Facebook for years, after my wife talked me into it. Prior I thoughtit was something more stupid that just teens used.

I only have one account but as I'm trying to meet new people I've cleaned myself and my Facebook page up drastically. Not that I'm a pervert... well ok around T and those I know I can let it all out mainly cut out the real shocker stuff which myself, T and a few others are fine with but would likely offend mass society lol. (Anyone knows of George Carlin you'd know what I'm talking about. Blunt honesty!)

I mainly use it it for the games, posting/sharing the funny photos and talking with whoever, either online random strangers added for games or friends I've met in real life. I actually do not have any of my family on it aside from my wife. My mother and brother do not use use it. Most of Tara's family got a little offended with some of my posts and how open I was so figured hey I know their phone numbers, they know ours, we all know where eachother lives, and our emails. Plenty of ways to contact family there so took them off. Only her brother was a little offended, OMG you unfriended me from Facebook!? ZOMG why!?

Anyways being new to Poly it would be nice to actually chat with some real people about it and everyday life. As I've said in other posts trying to find women who might be interested or even "just friends" usually seems to end up with a cyber slap in the face or ignore. The horror I am a married man AND into this nasty polyamory stuff trying to strike up a chat with a woman.

Those of you who mentioned it's ok to add, I see if can do a friend request or just PM I'm usually an open book, so not much to hide and honestly don't care, if people don't like us due to one of these reasons and it's a dealbreaker so be it. We're both honest and open about who we are and always will be.
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