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By today's media standards yes I guess I do like fat women

In my opinion most women who think their butt ugly and fat look perfectly fine to me and sometimes even stunning! *pondered with the hand on the chin looking up thinking* Nope I guess EVERY woman I've every been with or almost was at a relationship level would have been considered fat.

As was the case with a woman of a couple we met (we call P in past posts.) I found her VERY attractive, 5'9 and I think about 220lbs (I think she said she was) with her body I did NOT think of her as fat she looked fucking GREAT! Brown eyes which I loved, great confidence another meowww Unfortunately me at 5'9, 230lbs was not good enough. Although the nice girl she said if I can lose the lil tummy in 6 months to a year she'll consider me LMAO. I should have believed the OKC questions which raised flags but my wife said nah she sounds so nice lol. Only part that really sucks is wife is dating the guy and I'm left still looking.
I'm not a BBW chaser, not into the whole feeding thing but yes when I see "skinny" women (ie where you can see ribs) compared to the "normal" women you see in normal everyday life while it may be rude. I often think wow what's wrong with them? Are they sick? can't keep the weight on? is it just the flu? or something more serious?

At the other end I admit someone going way past 300+ pounds, while a perfectly fine person and fine as a friend I do not find just attractive. I wouldn't leave someone for just gaining weight *shrugs* I don't know if we REALLY clicked and I loved their personality I might even be blinded to that I've had bitch fests with others about weight and other things. You CANNOT often change what you are "attracted" to, what turns you on, gets you hard, gets you wet and all that
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