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It would be nice for all of those who would use it.

However personally I wouldn't as we've only been poly a few months and already see to some it's worse than being gay! Everyone instantly thinks oh your a polygamist now? I do get pissed sometimes when to society in general cheating, threesomes, swingers and the likes are much pretty ok. But once you make it a real loving relationship with more than one person and it's OH MY GOD YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!!

Sorry even I grew up thinking the term meant a guy with tons of wives, screwing them and the daughters holed up in some compound based on what I've seen on the media. Till got some education on it now.
I've had a few women who were fine chatting with me till they asked, wait a minute I thought you said you're married. Being honest I explained, one instantly blocked me. The other said "OMG YOU SICK TWISTED FUCKING PERVERT!" then blocked me, lol. Had a Transsexual after just just saying a few words after hello checked my profile and boom "Sorry NOT interested! I may be a Transsexual but even I have some morals and values" ignore.

I still will not give out my Yahoo, MSN, Skype, Facebook on here or other sites like it I have yet to actually chat with many "nice" people accepting of it beyond one couple we met. I have joined some polyamory groups and pages on FB but don't flaunt it in front of people. If he subject comes up fine, if not why risk it.

Wife says she would be totally ok if I just took all references of "being married" off my profiles just to say I'm "into Polyamory" but still feel bad it's like cheating to the new woman that I'm single and when things get serious... then I drop the M-bomb!?

Honestly I DO wish there was someplace you could actually find local Poly people where they are more open than having to sift thru Okcupid, also joined Fetlife (not really into BDSM) in hopes to just find where the **** are these people! Even to just talk! T (my wife) says I should make a dating site which is free or dirt cheap and seriously thinking of doing it just need to wait till payday to buy yet another domain name.
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