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king solomon is having a hard day poor guy. queen amidala is fine. she talked to me today. her main concern was not "ewww!" as i thought it would be. but she wanted to know more about how i find it so easy to "share". it comes natural to me. i know that everyone else is not the same. puppy power is just being himself. playing Wow and not caring about anything.

as much as i love watching king solomon deal with NRE, i hate seeing him worried and anxious. he is worried that the queen and puppy power will not like him anymore if they knew the truth. i keep telling him to relax but i can't get inside of his head and toss a rock into his mental gears. it's just the way he is.

i know all will be well. i don't care if things go to the next level or not. i just love my friends, their beautiful kid (we can call him prince puff n' stuff) and their dog.

i have anxiety too but i know how to handle it. been here, done this a million times now. well, not a million. more like two or three times. but i understand myself and others enough to know that friends don't come cheap. queen amidala told me that she still wants me as her friend... even though king solomon has a huge school boy crush on her. i'm talking like anime school buy crush. lol

tomorrow starts another busy week for us all. i'll be keeping prince puff n' stuff all day with the dogs. everyone else will be hard at work. that will give us time to focus on something other than us. did i mention that puppy power and king solomon work in the same office all day long together? makes for fun times.

i wonder if the mods think i should move this to the blog/log section?
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