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I have a wonderful partner, whom I love and respect very much. While I could be wrong, I am almost certain than broaching this subject with my partner could lead to the end of the relationship (and ifnot, to problems within the relationship without solving anything for e).
I am not happy being in a relationship where I have to hide parts of me.

My longer feelings on that here.

In your case? If you were in my universe?
  • Your partner would have the right to clear communication.
  • Your holding back could be a lie of omission -- if your NOT sharing this impacts the rship in some way.
  • You have the responsibility to know and state your wants, needs, and limits.

Spit it OUT.

Just you articulating ...

"Hey partner? Can we talk about my internal weather? I've been having these ideas and feelings. I just want to talk about it to air it out some so I can get a better handle on it. Can we set time aside to do that?"

... should not make or break the relationship. Just talking is not you ACTING on it or betraying anyone. You are playing ball here. Who else do you go to for emotional intimacy and Vulnerable Things Shared if not your partner?

Don't sell yourself or your partner short. Speak your truth -- if even at a whisper.


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