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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Just because he has 2 relationships at a time doesn't mean he has only ever had two partners. I assume he meant his non-live-in partners, even though there is only one of them at a time.

Lots of mono people will say "I have done this with my boyfriends/my girlfriends have all enjoyed this" and that doesn't mean they weren't mono.
Hi Tonberry, I understand that too however, just as a point of clarification, I too was confused by CdM's comments. He never stated past partners so when you read this, it sounds like it's in the present. (I bolded where applicable) Hence the confusion.

I'm just sayin'.

Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
Even though I live with one person, we have "date nights" where I am not expected to answer messages from my other partners. I addition, when I am out with my other partners, I don't expect routine texts or calls from my live-in partner. .
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