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Originally Posted by Storm77 View Post
Instead of waiting to feel loved by her as I usually have. She is more like the man, going OMG what!? You never said you wanted... VS myself emotional well if you cared, blah blah whaaaa you'd have. Yup! We're screwed up at times
My husband and I spent a lot of years doing this . He needed "touch", and I needed "acts of service". Of course, what happened was that, I couldn't stand to touch him (or be touched) because he wouldn't help me around the house and vice versa. It wasn't until I discovered "The 5 Love Languages" that we finally had that AH HA moment. Neither of us understood how the lack of these things was part of what was tearing us apart. We spent nearly 20 years building resentments and walls between each other , that we are just now starting to break down.

Seriously, COMMUNICATION is absolute key to a relationship, especially if you're living together. We may think we are expressing our needs, wishes, desires, etc., when in fact it's being interpreted completely different. Get books, websites, etc on how to communicate, start with a "tag search" on this forum there's lots of great information and little tricks that are very helpful.
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