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Question Some unbiased advice?

Straight to the point:

I've been considering polyamory for a long time. I've never felt fulfilled in a monogamous relationship, and have always tried to convince myself otherwise and believe that I'll learnt to be fulfilled.

I have a wonderful partner, whom I love and respect very much. While I could be wrong, I am almost certain than broaching this subject with my partner could lead to the end of the relationship (and ifnot, to problems within the relationship without solving anything for e).

What I'm trying to work out is... is it worth it?

I'm in a strong, happy relationship. I've never experienced being in polyamorous relationship and therefore can't even be absolutely sure that it's the right choice for me. Yet I've felt for many years that I'm not fulfilled in a monogamous relationship. I'm not really sure what might be a good next step for me.

If anyone has any words of wisdom that might help me I would be very grateful.
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