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Originally Posted by onceuponadream View Post
Until recently I did not know that there is still a lot of discrimination around Washington DC when a white man and a black women go GROCERY SHOPPING together. We get more odd looks and headshakes when my girlfriend and I go out than when we all go out together. Very odd…and a bit upsetting.
I just wanted to comment on this. Forgive me if I tell you stuff you already know.

I grew up 'inside the Beltway' in the Maryland suburbs of DC. There is a lot to love about this area and I do enjoy living in Maryland.

But it's got its baggage. Did you grow up elsewhere? If so, DC with its monuments, and federal government, and pretty neighborhoods may not seem like an old Southern city. But that is what it is once you strip away the fancy Political Center of the Universe stuff. It is still a very segregated place, not by law but by class and money and fear and all kinds of tangled pathologies. So a white man obviously romantically involved with a black woman doing relationship things - groceries!!! - is going to set off triggers for many people, white and black. You and she are crossing all sorts of boundaries and challenging conventions just by existing and being public. I'm sorry you and your girlfriend have to deal with this nonsense. As you interact more with your neighbors, you may get to the place where the three of you are kind of accepted as the Odd but Nice White Man, the Sister with Some Different Ideas, and the Wife who Tolerates Some Weird Shit. It's progress of a sort. DC is very conventional but has a place for eccentrics.
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