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the weird thing is.... that I hate, hate, hate talking on the phone. So when texting and emailing came available it felt like they were invented just for me and was so grateful... I could just text a friend to set up a meeting, and then meet in person, instead of having to call and talk before we actually go to setting up the meeting. There seems to only be one human being in the world that I can have a normal phone conversation with - my husband. With everybody else, its either awkward silences or both of us talking at once

That said, I think my smartphone has definitely taken over my life way too much. I want to practice at being unavailable. I scold my husband for texting or checking his email when in company (we had a big fight once when we were at a dinner party and I glanced over, he was sitting next to me, and happened to read to first line of a text his GF had just sent him). But I have been guilty of doing the same..

Last night we had dinner with friends and because I was rather anxiously expecting an email from my BF I left my phone at home. It was such a relief and I had such a nice and relaxed evening, knowing it was impossible for me to check.

Something I really need to do more often.
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