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I'm saying that they don't have the perspective like I do because they haven't gone down that road yet. I see it as a threat, because of my perspective.
Again... and that is their journey to discover. It's not a threat to you. You are making it a threat to you because it is an Unknown right now and you are what iffing it to all kinds of shapes.

I need to separate myself from my partner's desires and relationships that don't involve me, because they are not about me.

It's kind of hard to ask for a role when Twitch doesn't even know if he's going to have a role. I'm not sure I want a role. All I know if that I don't want to be excluded.
So? You go "Alright. I know Twitch doesn't even know if he's going to have a role, GF. That's all between you guys to sort out. I respect that. But I want it known that if you allow him to have a role... I also would welcome being included in this baby's extended family network if you are open to that. Know I am open to having that kind of a talk even if nobody knows what form/shape yet this will all end up to be yet."

(If that is actually what you feel.)


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