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Originally Posted by Storm77 View Post
Well personally I'm having way more difficulty with this than I thought I would especially when things start lacking at home With home environment, untrained loud pets (barking, shitting and peeing inside, I usually leave it for T and just put up with the smell as am sick of it), lack of privacy (with others in the house) to even "take care of myself" except for whenever T goes to sleep which is between 11pm sometimes till 4am then I have till about 5:30am to cyber, look at porn, etc to take care of my needs before others may wander out into the living room. Without other outlets it's being very difficult not to feel left out, tossed aside. Being angry this morning, came to realize with the date T had with S honestly he had more sex with T (which wasn't much) than I have got in likely over a month LOL.
It sounds like it's time to sit down and have a serious discussion on some of the things you guys need to work on. I know that to those that like to be surrounded by pets,they don't even realize that the smell can be absolutely nauseating to everyone else. Storm, if you think this is a real problem (which it sounds like you do), make sure Glitter knows it and the two of you sit down and figure out a plan of action to fix it. Same goes for more privacy and being more intimate with each other.
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