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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
When you are IN a relationship, you can't act like you are a footloose single. Even in open relationships -- there's ethics. It's not just the obvious "STD/pregnancy no riding bareback" thing.
DEFINITELY this. I've noticed there are some significant similarities between many of the poly's who are in relationships and branching out which are not similar to many of the polys who are starting out single. AND this is the basis for it. There's shared responsibilities that come into play and need consideration so no one gets caught "holding the bag" so to speak.

Originally Posted by CielDuMatin View Post
For me, each person involved has their own boundaries, and have every right to them. When any combination get together and try to have a relationship, it's important that each of those boundaries be explored, and a decision made as to whether there are any conflicts and whether these boundaries can be respected by all involved.

I have some "bottom lines" that for me are non-negotiable. Each person that I have met have had the same. Also, boundaries can change as the level of trust between those involved increases or decreases. Therefore they need to be reviewed from time to time.
DEFINITELY this. I strive to consider each entities boundaries in each situation. Not JUST MY OWN and this is true outside of poly and romance as well.
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