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Originally Posted by Xared View Post
I just got this one a few hours ago.

It has a meaning, but I'm not sure I want to tell you guys. I'm still kind of new here and I'm not sure if it's something I want to reveal about myself yet. You guys might not be cool with it.

I have two other tats, but I'm somewhat anonymous here and they're recognizable. Also I'm too lazy to dig up pictures at the moment.
I have yet to see anything on this forum where someone wasn't cool about it unless it related to cheating and dishonesty (which would be a pretty odd metaphor for a heart with a möbius strip weaved through it).

To me it seems like it means infinite love. Based on the hand it could be a replacement for a wedding ring. If you don't want to announce to the world you're welcome to PM me about it. I'm very curious and no matter what it is I don't judge.

Pretty nifty tat, btw.
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