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Default Sexual Orientation Shift

In the past (possibly even on this forum) I have insisted I was straight and would never have any sort of sexual relationship with men, as I am not at all attracted to men. I've also read stories on here and other places about men who are straight but have been caught up in the moment and have done sexual acts with other men for brief moments.

Recently someone made a comment that if men want women to allow anal, the men should allow pegging. I thought on this for a while and spoke to my wife regarding it. I had mentioned it in the past, especially after we were given a strap-on as a gag gift, (more to judge her interest than anything) and as always she had no interest. However, after a few more conversations we had our anniversary and she offered to allow anal (something she had said no to for a long time because of my size). The following day she was in town and I told her to pick up some lube and we ended up using the previously mentioned strap-on for pegging. I found it much more pleasurable than I expected, and started to re-evaluate my sexual orientation.

As I thought about it, I've made a lot of "pretend" moves on males in the past, and I have had fantasies about men (but always with a girl present in the fantasy). I have also tasted myself via snowballing and out of curiosity. So yeah, maybe not so adamantly straight as I once believed.

I've decided I want to try fooling around with a guy and girl (I still don't find men physically attractive) but with focus on the guy to determine whether or not I can do it. If it works, I want to progress to sex with a man and then re-evaluate if I need a girl present or if I could feasibly be okay with just me and a man.

Have any of you ever found your sexual orientation no longer matches what you once thought it did? I have a feeling I would have made this resolution much sooner had it not been for my childhood (I was forced to give a man head as a youth, please don't apologize, I'm not damaged and that's not the point of this thread, just throwing it in so you have the full story).
"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is the regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." - Sydney Smith

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