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Originally Posted by Storm77 View Post
It'd be even safer outside in the covered side drive way of the house, the back yard, in one of the sheds it's dark at night, got a solid table and chairs out back and almost no chance of being seen. But the mosquitoes are a pain in every part of the naked body.
I'm sorry you are feeling that you are in a difficult spot. Many posters here have lamented that it DOES seem easier for poly women than poly men to find potential partners. If you are not averse to casual sex I honestly don't see why that can't be a starting point - as long as you are honest (Yes, I am married. Yes, she is ok with it. Yes, I want sex. Yes, I am really looking for something more, but will settle for sex for now. No, I am NOT okay with participating in cheating.)

But the privacy thing really seems like it can be addressed if you are creative...(I must have missed your living situation - who the hell is wandering about at all hours?)

The bit that I quoted reminds me of a time period when Dude was broken up with his ex but she was still visiting here frequently and I didn't feel comfortable having sex with Dude with her in the house even if she was asleep. MrS suggested a blanket and the great outdoors...Dude rolled with the idea and picked a spot - IN THE DAMN FRONT YARD (seriously? 20+ acres to choose from and you pick one visible from the damn road?!) OTOH - I didn't notice the mosquitoes. Not. One. Damn. Bit.


PS. I'm working on how to be a good "wingman" for my boys if they ever decide to "branch out" - right now my plans are 1.) take them to some poly meetup in a nearby city 2.) take them to some hippy music fest type concerts, flirt with every female in sight and introduce them to my boys 3.) help them write up OKCupid profiles that would attract the type of girls that they think they like (i.e. a profile that I would like - I really have no other basis for comparison)
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