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Well I can relate but from the opposite side.

Am male but always been the "nice guy" polite, at times shy when it comes to women, enjoy pampering and pleasing so a bit more submissive with my partner T. Due to health issues as a child and being part Native I'm stuck with a soft voice where people almost always think I'm a woman on the phone

I'm more emotional, sensitive, moody, quickly assume a counselor type to try and solve everyone's problems while mine often seem unimportant.

When it comes to sex, I also feel like I must be thinking more like a woman. I need to feel an emotional connection rather than just sex to get off, tend to really enjoy the submissive side. Very into the touching, kissing, cuddling... just pampering my partner.

Honestly only bi-curious or hetroflexable but otherwise not attracted to men for more than just sex so don't consider myself gay and being married to very a female wife kind of throws a wrench into that whole label anyways.

Overall I do joke, I'm more the female in our relationship and she's more the male. I'm usually the one saying "hon we need to talk... I feel..." or just over emotional over small stupid things I worry about. While she's a just calm go with the flow type.

At the risk of being smacked... Oooh maybe a spanking later
T can belch as loud as most guys and will give them a run for their money. When it comes to sex (LOL) I'm usually the one to wants to cuddle afterwards where she just wants to roll over and go to sleep. If she's still up afterwards she'll usually ask me to go make her a snack while she flips thru the channels on TV waiting, hehe.

Not sure how much of this makes sense or relates but that's pretty much me.

On the Poly side, it seems to suck big-time being a male. Contacting most women usually results like being told off that either Poly is disgusting! I'm just another male using it as an excuse to get in someones pants or the more polite response is "Your married!? Sorry not interested I have my own morals and values."

I hate the idea of being outright deceitful off the start but have been questioning how to change my profiles to not really say married but... still try to be honest. ie I live together, in an open relationship with my partner.
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