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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post

It's not just your issue. It's his issue to stop being so goddamn rude. When he's with you and texting other people, what he's effectively doing is saying those other people are more important than the live, flesh-and-blood person in front of him -- YOU. I would ask him to leave the room if he insists he must stay in communication with these people, and then he can fix his own stupid dinner. Fuck that!
I may have made this seem slightly worse than it is.
I make dinner, but we don't usually eat together.
Since we have a new baby, I'm usually sitting on the couch with him, eating as I get the chance. G stands at the "kitchen" counter to eat, sometimes not until after I've finished eating depending on what he was doing. Our apartment pretty much only has two rooms, but we still don't really eat together. The frequency is really what annoys me.

I'm thinking it may be getting toned down from now on, though. We had a talk last night and he admitted this recent flurry of non-stop communication may have been related to me being upset with him being on the computer a few times (for longer than I was comfortable with) on our date night. Then of course I had to tell him I was mostly upset because I knew without a doubt he was responding to messages from another woman while he was on there, under the guise of checking the news (usually a common interest of ours). We had both effectively made our problems worse.

Since we do live together I don't expect him to not text them, or to go into another room to do so. I just expect him not to do it every 3 minutes.
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