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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
In fact I'll get calls and the people I'm talking with will say your phones ringing, yeah I know but I'm talking with you they're going to have to wait.
I'm with you here DH. I literally never use call waiting - either it rings through to voicemail or, if the incoming call is from work and I have to answer, I get off the phone with the 1st person and call them back when the work call is over.

For the record I never feel obligated to answer my cell phone unless it is work-related and I am on call (they provide the cell phone for just this reason). They way I look at it - if I had a landline then people wouldn't be able to get in touch with me if I were out for dinner - they would have to leave a message and wait for me to get back to them. Why should it be any different just because I carry my "landline" with me? Then again, I never felt the need to answer my landline, when I had one, either - I hate talking on the phone, most of the time I let the answering machine take it and only called back if I needed to clarify something.

I will admit though that I do tend to check text messages when they come through because I get so few that I am always curious as to what they are - I don't tend to respond however if I am doing something. (My boys and I tend to use text messaging as a "touching base" type of thing - "Leaving work - home in an hour." "Going to store - do you need anything?" and NOT for conversations.)

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