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Originally Posted by Invi View Post
G, the boyfriend, texts constantly. So much so I was watching the clock after I made dinner for us the other night and timed him texting every. three. minutes. For at least half an hour. I stopped counting after that, but it continued fairly regularly.

The day after he wasn't texting so much, but was instead responding to messages on a dating site at least that often. Again, I made dinner, and he'd leave his food to go and check his messages on the computer . . . (It really annoys me, this constant communication with other partners. I know it's my issue to handle, but does anyone else feel that way? . . .)
It's not just your issue. It's his issue to stop being so goddamn rude. When he's with you and texting other people, what he's effectively doing is saying those other people are more important than the live, flesh-and-blood person in front of him -- YOU. I would ask him to leave the room if he insists he must stay in communication with these people, and then he can fix his own stupid dinner. Fuck that!
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