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You are definately right that he is taking up a lot of my time, energy, emotions, and thoughts. I want to continue seeing him because the sex is just absolutely amazing! But i do find it hard to meet other people when im with him everyday. However im at a point in my life where i have made a lot of recent mindset and lifestyle changes and i find that i no longer relate to my friends. I find it unappealing to go out drinking and get messed up every night. I dont have a lot of people to hang out with and i dont really know how i go about making new friends, let alone finding a lover. Im not saying i want to stay with him because its convenient. I really do enjoy the time i spend with him. I just dont know how to go about meeting new people. Any suggestions? I wouldnt mind spending less time with him to be meeting other people and opening up opportunities for new relationships.
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