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Originally Posted by buckeye584 View Post
I am new posting here. I know that you are looking for some "general advice" and possibly solutions to your situation. However, I don't think you fit the definition of polyamory. I am in a threesome relationship right now and it is very much a "hinge" relationship or Vee. Anyway, for you to be in a polyamous it takes alot more open, honest, and loving relationship. You are having more of a swinging lifestyle. I did that for many years and it does leave you feeling very empty inside. Polyamory relationships are one of the hardest and most rewarding relationships you can get involved in. You should never have the feelings that your having. That is why I think your more in a swinging lifestyle than polyamory lifestyle. I am kinda rushing this posts and can give you more example if interested. If I am totally of base let me know too. Good luck in all your decisions. Greg
Wow. Thanks for assuming you know so much about me. And your condescension is insulting, frankly.

You are so far off base on all your comments that it's ridiculous.

Edited to add: I felt attacked by your comments and that you are demeaning my relationship with my lover. And I am definitely not a swinger, and if you knew anything about the swinging lifestyle that would be obvious even from my first post. Your comments about me needing to have a more open honest and loving relationship are incredibly rude and insulting.

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