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Originally Posted by Vicki82 View Post
Do people comment on blogs? . . . I don't just want to start a blog just for the sake of writing- it's the interaction that I need.
Yes, we can comment and give feedback on blogs. We're just not allowed to get into debates or arguments (and maybe long tangents?) on them, and the owner of a blog thread can have anyone's post removed from their thread if they don't like what was written. I didn't know how much I'd enjoy blogging til after a while of doing it here.

Originally Posted by Vicki82 View Post
Every time I have a twinge, I try to analyze it and figure out why I am feeling that way. Like, he just got back from a week's vacation with his wife, so I am sure he was very turned on and wanting to have sex. It's Sunday, so I know he saw his submissive this morning. I made a list of reasons why I was bothered. One reason I felt jealous was that she got to enjoy that extra passion that comes out when you haven't had sex in a while. But I asked myself, would I rather that he stayed frustrated until we are together? That isn't fair to him and I want him to be happy.

I have to be honest, doing this doesn't entirely take my feelings away. I'm kind of hoping that will happen with time.
I do the same thing. I try to break it down and figure out why I am feeling a certain way. No, it doesn't automatically always make the uncomfortable feelings go away (although sometimes they do), but it does help, I find, to understand my thought process and how it prompts emotions in order to diffuse them so they have less power over me. A teacher of mine used to say, "If knowledge is power, then self-knowledge is everything."
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