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Well i am not looking for marriage or a long term relationship right now. I see each relationship in my life to be there for a reason. Although this is so unconventional, i dont feel like i am being used or taken advantage of. I have made the decision to continue seeing him even tho he has this web attatched to him.
I do trust him completely. I know he is a cheater, but i am okay that he sees other people. Even tho he has this love for the other woman, i dont feel like i get treated with any less care and respect. He is very kind and gentle. He is very sweet and loving towards me, even tho he cant say it.

As for loving him so early, ive actually known him for 2 years and just now we have started a sexual/romantic relationship.

My whole mind set on the thing is that i am very happy when i spend time with him, i care a lot about him, and he about me (he has actually cried and told me he really doesnt want to hurt me and he feels so badly about the situation.) i have always looked at relationships with the idea that it was going to be lifelong. Ive realized that people come and go in and out of our lives for a reason, and it doesnt have to be forever.
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