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Well this name is rather new as my normal online username is used pretty much everywhere, includes my real first name and is also linked to Facebook. I actually did register it here but then had second thoughts and instead of asking to please delete the account or change my username I just made this one.

So for this one, it is a variation of the name I started using when both T (Glitter) and I got into playing World of Warcraft. Wanting to get into it rather quick while wanting a fitting name I quickly found the character race capital city was Stormwind and being a paladin class with healing abilities (typically yellow/white in color) I thought of the name Stormblaze. As in real life being a Scorpio I tend to emit alot of energy, I often think of it as a yellow/white energy wave pulsing out. (Yes even before I knew that game called WoW lol) Also being Wiccan this seemed very fitting.

Ok geeky with an imagination I use Stormblaze in all my online gaming but it just didn't feel quite right for this forum. So I shortened it to Storm and added my birth year since Storm was already taken here.
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