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Gotta agree with opalescent.

I'd end it. This being in love thing so early on? That's just brain chemistry. Hormone cascade giving you the crush / NRE high. It's the neuroscience of falling in love -- you can Google that.

It's fun to feel. Don't get me wrong.

But basically you have a dead end street there. Which by itself is not a bad thing -- you can go into a polyship knowing it's got a time clock attached. Like the person has to move in 6 mos overseas for work or something and neither wants a long distance rship so you enjoy it while it lasts.

But THIS? This is a man who has CHEATED on his wife for 7 years with a woman who has a baby by another man and cheats on HIM for that long. Who is happy to string you along.

You want to roll with a rat's nest of cheaters? What do they lie to YOU about? Safe sex? Cooties? OTHER people in the mix?

Ew. Not ethical at all.

I'm sorry if that's Hard to Hear. But polamory is a not about throwing your ethics to the winds. You deserve ethical, nurturing, loving polyships that FEED you, not DRAIN you.

Just because this man is willing to have "a" polyship -- that's no reason to just date him. Elevate the bar to having an ethical polyship.


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