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Default Boundaries & Relationships: Global Philosphies or Case-by-Case Basis?

I would love to hear everyone's opinions, ideas, and experiences about the following:

Do you have global philosophies in your relationships, or do things happen on a case-by-case basis, or both? For example, do you agree to boundaries that pretty much allow anything or do you agree to boundaries depending on specific situations, contexts, or people? Or do both things happen for you in your relationships?

My partner feels like he needs a more global direction for our relationship, while I feel more comfortable getting used to new people and relationships on a case by case basis. I think I do have some global feelings: for instance, I am comfortable with any of his partners, as long as I trust them and I am able to meet them a couple times to get to know them a bit myself.

I would just appreciate hearing ideas and feedback about these ideas from anyone who cares to share I hope this isn't too confusing!
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