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Berserker, I can tell you from the absolute bottom of my heart that there is always an up to every down. I've been down brother, so far my nails snapped back as I clawed myself out of a hole so deep and dark even hell would have seemed comforting.

I also was the one who cast myself down, breaking lives around me like branches on a tree I had fallen out of. There are scars so deep in those around me and in myself that I doubt they will ever stop tearing as I move forward.

But you know what..there are moments of such happiness and love that for brief instances the pain subsides and I see through the clouds of guilt and shame at hurting the people I love. In those moments I know there is a reason to open my eyes, to wake up and give as much of myself to the happiness of those that chose to have me in their lives.

One of those people who has chosen to have me in their life is me. I see good there, caring and a desire to help and love.

Don't ever be so selfish as to think those that will chose to have you in their lives don't deserve the chance to experience the good and love in you my friend. Ever. Nuff said.

Peace and love

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