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I believe that there really is a time and a place for everything. I don't think that it's confined to poly, but I think that we have allowed the Smartphone to start ruling our lives wayyy too much.

While I *love* my Smartphone, I do not have to have it with me every second of every day. When a text comes in, I do *not* run to look at it and answer. Those that do this need to seriously look at their values in life, in my opinion.

The person I am with takes priority. Everybody needs to expect that and respect that. Even though I live with one person, we have "date nights" where I am not expected to answer messages from my other partners. I addition, when I am out with my other partners, I don't expect routine texts or calls from my live-in partner. The rules work both ways.

Now, my day-to-day life is fine for messages and calls - but I almost make a point of not answering immediately, instead finishing what I am doing. If two of us are watching TV, for example, and someone sends me a text - I will only get up to look at it once the show is finished.

To me this is common courtesy and shows respect to the person I am with.

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