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We've all complained about this-and not just "other partners or potentials" but even coworkers etc.

So, we've started putting agreements in place.

For example, the date times-NO CELLS. Period.
Family time (dinner or special play dates) no cell phones. Period.

If we go camping-we have times for cell use. But, will mostly leave them in the car and we don't do computer.

Also, in bed-no phones or computers.

It does make a HUGE difference.

MIND YOU-we respect that if one of us is out with someone else the same rules apply and we don't try to contact them unless its an EMERGENCY.

I really don't consider this a jealousy thing at all. I consider it a "living in the moment" versus trying to live in multiple moments simultaneously issue.

When its OUR SPECIAL moment-I want us (all of us) IN THAT MOMENT. Including myself.

But-this holds true for other peoples moments too, they deserve to be IN THAT MOMENT-without me.
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