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So I joined here a week or two ago (I don't really remember when) and have been lurking, but haven't really felt the desire to post on anything until now.

I'm a mono female dating a non-mono male. He meets his dates online.
I'm fairly new to dealing with this, as it started in the last year or so, and I had not really started adjusting until the last few months. I'm still working on it. Jealous type, realizing this is my own issue, trying to handle the underlying emotions, etc.

That's just a little backstory.

The point of me posting:

G, the boyfriend, texts constantly. So much so I was watching the clock after I made dinner for us the other night and timed him texting every. three. minutes. For at least half an hour. I stopped counting after that, but it continued fairly regularly.

The day after he wasn't texting so much, but was instead responding to messages on a dating site at least that often. Again, I made dinner, and he'd leave his food to go and check his messages on the computer.
Mind, I'm pretty DADT about the girls he sees. I don't want to know anything that doesn't directly effect me. I want to know a name to call them by, and when he is going out with whom. That is all. He doesn't tell me when he's talking to anyone. I think he'd rather not, for fear of hurting me. But when he is constantly answering messages from these women, it's kind of hard not to know.
(It really annoys me, this constant communication with other partners. I know it's my issue to handle, but does anyone else feel that way?
Recently we've started having a once-a-week night with no cell phones and very limited computer use in an attempt to make me more comfortable.)

That said, when we were initially dating (we live together now, and have a 15 week old baby), it was a treat to talk on the phone. Mostly we did the same as he is doing now, with lots of texting and messaging. I remember sitting up all night talking to him on OKC until one or the other of us just HAD to sleep.
Maybe we'd talk on the phone once or twice a week.

Having changed phones, I lost a lot of texts I would have rather saved, but our old OKC convos are still in my inbox. heh.
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