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I did have to miss the poly meetup, but apparently there were lots of people there (like, twice as many as usual) and everyone seemed to chat and get along fine. Keith tried to make sure everyone was feeling included, but he ended up feeling a little left out himself. Apparently I'm kind of his crutch in social situations and help draw him out. I used to send him out once a week on his own or with a friend (as long as I didn't go) to help him get over it, so I may need to start doing that again. It helps him 1 - get more comfortable being social without me and 2 - pursue his own interests without worrying about what I'm doing or if I'm having fun. He was feeling so bummed that he was even questioning whether or not he should even try to pursue another relationship, etc, etc. I hate it when low self esteem rears its ugly head, so Motivational Mistress is going to have to make an appearance too (that's what he calls me when I get all kick ass about making sure we work out, follow our diet, and are being generally healthy in every way we can).

I'm going on a date Sunday night, so that will be the perfect time to send him out since I have plans anyway. I'm also going to invite a friend to a movie sometime next week since I didn't get to hang out with her due to my illness. We're eventually going to out and take new pictures together, but I'm putting that off until my sickness is completely gone so we can go on a hike somewhere wonderful to do it.

Life is pretty good right now, for me. Still stressed a bit about money/my inability to find a job and dealing with Keith's miniature bout of depression, but my trip has me so excited I can't seem to focus too much on the downer stuff, so... Yeah. And my uncle hired me to work in his restaurant for 20 hours during the week I'm visiting - the same hours my mom works plus my grandma works there during some of it, my aunt and uncle, and some cousins - so I will not only make some money and get free food during my shifts, I will also get to visit with a bunch of family members. I'm ridiculously excited about having a 4 day job, but my cousin used to run the same kind of restaurant when I was a kid and I LOVED getting to go "work" (I was like 7-8 so I got to wipe down tables and dry dishes now and then) so I think it'll be fun to get to have the real experience. And I know all the people that work there so even if it is busy and hot and crazy, it'll be entertaining too.
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