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I am a bit skeptical about the 'soon' BP, but, of course, I hope so I don't think that we did it in the first month. Don't know why, just a feeling.

One year has already passed, since Lin was here for the first time. Yesterday was the first day of our annual wine festival, where Lin met my parents. Unfortunately I wasn't in a good mood and it got even darker over the course of the evening. Still some poly related stuff making me uncomfortable from time to time. Well, what happened:

We went there with my sister, BiL and their friends. We (Sward especially) have had regular contact with this group because of sports related activities and they started to hang out now and then. They all know about Sward, Lin and me, my BiL wasn't able to keep it low, he is the real chatterbox in our surrounding as we found out. But well, no problem there, everyone is able to cope as it seems. Lin has made some friends among that crowd as well. Everything is alright.

Many little things added up over the evening, ruining my mood. My foot was hurting, the music was really bad, I wasn't able to drink one sip, I still felt kind of uncomfortable kissing Lin among my sister's friends (I know that she isn't as cool with us three as she uses to say normally), the food was bad and Sward was constantly chatting and didn't bother to speak more than 5 sentences with me. I mean, it is OK that he was having a good time, but normally he always comes to me, talks with me at least once when we are out together. Not this time.

What went wrong? Well, he was paying attention to me, but when he saw that I was talking to Lin or that Lin was around, he thought that I was 'taken care of' and didn't see the need to come to talk to me. Aside from me not liking the missing 'urge' that should make him want to speak with me, I was feeling kind of dumped. Great Lin is with me, but Lin isn't you?! He can be so insensitive at times.

I know, no big deal kind of, but I was a bit upset. They still think that the other can make up for something one of them doesn't do. Lin was trying to lift my mood by saying:”Don't be that way. I am here with you.” Sometimes one isn't enough *sigh*
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