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Default I am trying to understand but need help

My boy friend just told me he is not a mono, but a poly. Honestly I never knew there was a difference. After about an hour of shock I decided to look it up and found this site. I am still very confused about it. I did read a post on how it is different than cheating, but still need a lot of clerification. I do not think I am against it, honestly was just shocked when he told me. Honestly, after he told me and reading I wonder if I am a poly too cause it makes sense to me. I would just really like to understand more and I am sure I have stupid questions, but please bare with me.

First why does he seem to get jealous when other guys flirt with me, but he wants to add another girl to the relationship?

Would we still have a relationship(we live together) or would the other person move in and always be here?

Is poly like when a man has more than one wife?

Please, try to explain what ever you would like or tell me about.
Thank you

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