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Talking Polycurious in south florida :)

Hey everyone reading this. My name is Samantha, but everyone I know personally calls me Beba. I turn 23 august 15th, I live with my mother, and I'm in beauty school to become a full specialist. I love to love, who doesn't? Lol I've always been the kind of person that even though I had a bf, I was still interested in other ppl. I didn't cheat though, because I'm very big on trust and don't like to break it. I've been celibate for 1yr and 8 months, because I feel like I've been waiting to find someone who wants what I do in life. Which is just to be happy, whether or not that's with more than 1 person. I'm also bicurious, I've always found myself attracted to men and women. I've only dated men though, I feel like I'm too shy to be vulnerable with a woman. Though I have had romantic feeling for 1 girl, I guess I just haven't found one to open me up enough. I'm open to any kind of relationship that's filled with love and trust. I'm so glad this site is here, thank you.
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