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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
What does 'male minded' mean? I am sincerely curious.
lol I've been told every variation of this, and 'male minded' seem to encompass it all. I basically have more in common and similar thought patterns to males rather than females. Most people say I should have been a man and I've had the deepest friendships with men rather than women. It's not a negative thing - I enjoy my personality. But people get confused with my closeness to males and my sometimes brash attitude when it comes to humor, sex, and physical play. I wrestle :P I won't lie and say it isn't purely asexual, sometimes I just like being pinned down by a big guy.

Most people assume I'm a slightly more femme but still butch lesbian. I detest labels because it's rarely that simple. I love both genders, but I feel I would be the 'guy' in most relationships. I believe this is why my 'taste' in men are either very big manly lumberjack/Nordic God types or very lanky 'femme' type builds.

I don't make any sense.
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