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My husband is in an online (email and Skype) relationship with a woman who had never heard of poly until reading his OKC profile. She was kind of weirded out by it in the beginning (and actually they started corresponding because she viewed his profile and he was curious why - she lives in another country, so he was just being friendly, not trying to start anything). After talking to him a bit, having him explain poly and our relationship specifically, she decided it is a really neat concept and something she could see fitting into her life to some degree.

She has admitted to him that even in the online world she would have stopped talking to him altogether if he hadn't been so up front about being married/involved.

I'm also confused about how that method works (waiting multiple dates, claiming to be single, etc). Are there really that many women out there who are okay with dating people who have lied about something that huge? I couldn't imagine not having enough self respect to walk away from a guy who did that to me. I would think getting to know a woman just to get to know her while letting her know about polyamory and then letting her decide if this really nice person who has been talking to her in a no pressure kind of way who happens to believe in alternative relationship structures would be someone she wants to date. Seems a lot more honest and a better way to build a sturdy foundation for a relationship.
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