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I've had a pounding sinus headache for 3 days-that's annoying. But, GG and I have been getting lots of the work on the house done while Maca is gone (working out of town). We're looking forward to seeing his surprise about how much we managed without his help.

Painting, lumber, this weekend we're tearing out the whole upstairs bathroom!

Maca started reading my blog and is beginning to catch up with who I am (again) and where I am (again). It's been an ongoing frustration of mine that I feel disconnected from him-and an ongoing frustration of his that he doesn't know whey (he's a physical touch person-I'm a quality time). He also is a "connected through sex" person and I'm a "connected through intellect" person. Makes for a somewhat difficult time when we aren't consciously trying to fulfil the other person...

BUT-we're continuing to work on it.

I had a short talk with GG. He and I usually connect very well-but he's been so busy-we literally haven't sat and talked for more than 2 minutes-since January. Usually we write back and forth-but he stopped writing in December. It got to where his few free moments he wanted to make love-and I DID NOT. Even the sex, was perfunctory which isn't how we've ever been.
All it took was a small comment on it-and he recognized the truth of it-and the unbelievably LONG amount of time its been going on. 7+ months without writing. Unbelievable-we've been writing back and forth for 19 years!!!!
He apologized and rearranged some priorities, including going and talking to his boss about some shit that is affecting his time here.
He's started writing a short note every 2nd or 3rd morning before he goes to work and leaving it on my laptop. Just that small change has made a HUGE difference (yes of course I write back) and we seem to be back on track together again too.
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