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What NYCindie said

Originally Posted by katja24 View Post
I have another issue as well: Lacy has been trying to get in touch with me about once a week. She texts me, and every time she does, I have the same reaction: I get totally emotionally flooded, and I end up feeling crummy the rest of the day. My counselor suggested being very direct and requesting that she stop contacting me. Thoughts?
Frankly my advice is much the same as before. Tell her you need some space and to try again in 2 weeks and see how it goes. Then at 1 week 6 days, send her a text first or even call her and see how it goes, even if it's to say "I'm sorry, I'm still struggling with this, let's try again next Saturday."

This shows:
Your not just blowing her off
Your not just hiding in a hole somewhere
You are trying to work through this
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