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Originally Posted by katja24 View Post
I feel so horrible still. I think you advice, GG, is great. And it's what I would like. I haven't asked for emotional space and for him to not text/call her when we are together because I am afraid of him getting defensive and upset.
Frankly, that's just common curtsey, that many people have chosen to ignore. Stop being afraid and state your needs. DO schedule a time to re-evaluate. "Honey, could you please not text or call her while you are with me for at least the next 2 weeks. I need some to get myself back into a rational/logical place. At the end of 2 weeks, we'll re-evaluate how I'm coping."

I am also afraid that even if he isn't texting/calling her when we are together, that after a month, I will still have a really hard time with the two of them seeing each other. I might not feel as emotionally flooded, but it seems like with how I view her as untrustworthy and manipulative, I would still not be supportive of their relationship.
Deal with that when the time comes. Broken bones have to be set, immobilized and given time to heal. Just because it stops hurting after 2 weeks, doesn't mean it's healed and can come out of the cast. It still needs another 4+ weeks in a cast and then you can slowly start to use it again and build back the strength you lost while it was in the cast. One step at a time.
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