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Well my new friend and I have been playing some screwed up game of tag. He works all of the time, we chatted sporadically but haven't seen each other, other than a couple of skype convos, for about six weeks regardless of a couple of attempts on my part. Whenever I decide to let it be and convince myself we're just friends, he makes a big effort to contact me and say something to the opposite.
My mind has long since runaway from me with feelings of rejection or like I am being strung along. This does not appear to be the case and I get that he is terribly busy, but I strongly dislike feeling this way. I am trying to remember that I am responsible for my feelings and reactions to others.
On top of all this, my birthday was this week and I have tons of mixed feelings on that as well. I feel as if I am holding my breath, waiting, on a few different people to do this or that so I can move on with my weekend and life. ugh, patience is not a trait of mine.
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