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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Did you also have a rule that you and your bf could not have sex alone behind your gf's back? And did you ask your gf what sex acts she didn't want your bf doing with you before forbidding him from going down on her?
Yes and no, I did discuss with about me-bf not being intimate behind her back for a short while, while we were trying to figure out how to work as a trio. Gf response was "i don't care if you are intimate with bf without me, this is not something i have preference on" I now know this response was because she was being intimate with bf without me, and neither of them discussed it with me that this is something they wanted and it was time to re-assess boundaries.

I did not ask my girlfriend what acts she did not want bf doing with me. And our boundary of him not performing oral on another female was a boundary we have had between me-bf before we even met gf. (5 years). He told me he was okay with this, and never bothered to bring it up that he felt differently now or anytime over the last 5 years. My bad is I never bothered to think about it anymore until it came up with the situation at hand.
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