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It a rough spot to be in, but there are many planning resources.

is just one. Google "abuse safe plan" and you ought to hit a lot more. You can also call family services for your area or shelters.

Don't worry -- pros exist to help people out of these binds. I shan't out them, but I've had women friends in these very shoes. They went to shelters and there received counseling, aid getting back on their feet, help with jobs, clothes, food, children's needs, etc.

Just this week one of them celebrated her first year anniversary FREE.

So keep hope alive, and move it forward in the baby steps you need to travel at to stay safe and get to your brighter future. Know at least THIS internet stranger is pulling for you and believes you have worth, dignity and value as a human being. I cannot say that to you enough.

You have worth, dignity and value as a human being.

Hang in there!


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