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I am sorry it scares you.

I am sorry you have been hurt that long, seemingly by not just this guy if it started in childhood.

But take a deep breath.

I affirm to you that YOU are a valuable human being, with worth and dignity. Even if you happen to be treated poorly right now.

You have spoken it out loud here and to yourself -- that you are in a toxic, controlling, hurting relationship. That all by itself is VERY brave, even if it comes at a whisper.

If you are not safe where you are, call local help lines. Even 911 will be able to refer you.

If you are safe enough for now, breathe, breathe, read and plan. One step at a time. Learn, and be careful, but not SO careful you stay there stuck. Keeping moving forward to your better brighter future even speaking your truth in whispers, even one baby step at a time.

I have faith in you that you can get yourself to where you need to be. Keep moving it forward. Don't lose hope. You are not alone.

*BIG hugs*

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