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Originally Posted by Glitter View Post
This is a greatly interesting thread. G is into a bit of D/S, with me being the Dom. I'm still very new to it, so we're slowly trying new things. Right now he is most happy with slapping, spanking, biting, hair pulling, etc. Being told what to do and where/when. Not a lot of pain. It's what he craves and needs from me, sexually. I'm actually getting into it, it's a huge turn on to tell him what to do I will read this more tomorrow once I have time. Thank you LR for starting this thread!
I forgot to mention biting in my post! Shame on me.

Being a sub is very tricky because there's a lot of trust involved plus it's difficult to get what you need when someone isn't intially inclined to be your Dom... but it's great to hear you're getting into it! ^_^ Good for you!
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