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Cool Don't Know What I'm Looking For in My Small Corner of the World

I'm 23
I'm Female
I am 'male minded'
(However I like having a vagina and boobs)
I love men
I love women
I'm curvy/chunky/etc
I don't know what I want

There are next to no options for someone like me who is interested in poly experiences here in Texas. I'm not sure what I want, but I do know that I love talking to people online, texting, pic messaging... but not just the same ol' "a/s/l send pic lookit mah dick"

That's so boring.

I want to be attracted to someone's brain, their personality, and then the sexy bits will be all the more exciting. I'm not for everyone, I am not the ideal of femme beauty, but there's got to be someone out there who shares this confusion and wants to connect, even just electronically.

So I'm an open book. I'm interested in nerd things, sexy things, funny things, and intelligent conversation. Discussions. Intellect. Being someone's friend first and foremost. Everything else can come naturally. No question is taboo and all will be answered. Ready.... GO.
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