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Nyc-I have herpes, and even a small amount of friction can cause a break out. If I use lube-I very rarely have any issues. But, even the friction of panties in hot weather can be a problem. (so I don't wear them on vacation to hot areas )

Thus-the lube.

No sugar in coconut oil-so that isn't a problem AND coconut oil is prescribed to fight yeast (it kills it actually) so it is a GREAT solution to the issue that sugar in THAT area actually causes. Not only does it not have the sugar, but it will resolve the yeast issues and it isn't high in bacteria either-so it's not promoting bacterial issues either!

Thumbs up all around.

The ONLY downside we've found thus far-in research, talking to the Dr and use-is that it MAY cause breakdown of latex condoms (this has NOT been verified, the Drs knew MOST oils do, but evidently this one hasn't been confirmed to as it has a different molecular structure? I am NOT a scientist).

But-that's arbitrary for OUR purposes, as we are all fluid bonded.

IT would however be important for anyone who was considering use with lovers they need to use protection with.

Other then that-the Drs say its a great product for the purpose for a variety of reasons and we have found it to work great, smell great, feel great and clean up nicely too.
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